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Who exactly is the Anonymous group?

“We are Anonymous. We are a legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us ”- this is the slogan that hackers from the Anonymous group place on hijacked sites and use in YouTube recordings.


Hactivists – this is what the people of Anonymous are called. Operating under the banner, because the group has no formal structure. It is made up of activists from all over the world who fight for freedom and justice on their own – as they understand it. Sometimes on the edge of the law, and often crossing it.


Chaos Computer Club
In the beginning there was chaos. “This statement applies not only to the vision of the creation of the world, but also to the hacking scene. Chaos Computer Club was founded in 1981 and was the first large association of” Internet criminals “. Hacking computers back then was completely different than today, there were practically no security systems as such, but the hackers themselves differed in their habits from those of today. the owners telling them what should be changed.The organization has been operating until today, trying to educate the public as best as possible about securing their data on the Internet.
TeamPoison Group
TeaMp0isoN was a computer security research group with 3 to 5 main members. The group gained notoriety in 2011/2012 with its blackhat hacking activities, which included attacks against the United Nations, NASA, NATO, Facebook, Minecraft Pocket Edition forums, and several other large corporations and government entities. [7] TeaMp0isoN dissolved in 2012 after the arrest of some of its main members, “TriCk” and “MLT”.
Sony operationy

In 2011, Sony went to the knives with a hacker who compromised PlayStation 3 security. Among other things, it caused a huge attack on PlayStation Network. The DDoS was so serious that not only was the data of 77 million users (including credit card details) stolen, but also obstructing PlayStation Network for weeks. It was a huge image crisis for Sony, after a moderately successful generation of equipment.

Project Chanology 

Operation Chanology was aimed against the practices of the Church of Scientology, the largest organization promoting Scientology in the world. It was created when YouTube tried to remove an interview with Tom Cruise about Scientology in 2008. In short, it was about censorship. Actions were carried out mainly through DDoS attacks on websites related to this traffic.

The Haboo hotel raid

Earlier, however, anonymous “4chan-owcy” attacked the virtual meeting place, changing into dark-gray clothes and separating the pool from other users. Chat was inundated with offensive slogans.
Norton AntiVirus Source Code Hijacking
In 2006, the Anonymous group stole the source codes for Norton AntiVirus and Norton Internet Security. Six years later, she posted them online in retaliation for the arrests of LulzSec members. The attackers found documents on Indian military intelligence servers proving that Western companies are helping the Indian government to surveillance the Indian population. Among them was also a Symantec document dated 1999 describing the API for the Virus Definition Generation Service. This document, along with a list of source code files, was published by the attackers on Pastebin.

YouTube PornDay

One of the most controversial and “morally questionable” actions. In 2009, YouTube’s algorithms were not yet ready to automatically block content that is not suitable for exposure on this platform. At the same time, music videos were disappearing from the website, which caused internet users to flood the platform with pornographic content under various names. They were linked by the hashtag “marblecake”.
Fight against the Malaysian government

In 2011, two “libertarian” services were blocked in Malaysia – WikiLeaks and The Pirate Bay. The group’s answer was clear. 91 government websites were blocked.

Acta War

In 2012, people protested in the streets against the introduction of the ACTA Act, which, in short, was supposed to affect the control of content on the web. The Anonymous group fought quite actively – in Poland, for example, it blocked the side of Prime Minister Donald Tusk.
Actions for the US presidential election
In 2016, the United States was alive with the presidential election. Representatives of the Anonymous group also lived with them. The hackers declared war on Donald Trump for a “hateful campaign,” but also on Hillary Clinton. However, there were split voices in the hacking movement, suggesting that both voices should be heard.
Anonymous against electoral fraud in Iran
2009 was extremely hot in Iran. Suffice it to say that the amount of information that flowed from the country at that time forced Twitter to postpone the planned technical break, and Facebook hastily released the website in Persian. Anonymous, on the other hand, in cooperation with The Pirate Bay, published The Persian Bay website for information exchange and support for Iranians. It was about a very controversial and high-profile suspicion of rigging elections in the country.

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