The Pieria region, located in northern Greece, is home to several natural parks and reserves that protect
the region’s unique ecosystems
 and biodiversity.

Here are a few of them:

Olympus National Park

Olympus National Park is the most famous and iconic natural park in the Pieria region. It lies on the slopes of Mount Olympus, which is considered the birthplace of Greek mythology and the abode of the gods. This park is of great historical and cultural importance and nature. It protects a variety of ecosystems, including mountain forests, alpine meadows, streams and waterfalls.


It is also home to many rare ones
and endangered species of plants and animals, such as the mountain marmot, greater spotted eagle and chamois.

This nature reserve is one of the largest wetlands in Greece and is an important habitat for migratory birds and rare and endangered species. It protects vast swamps and meadows
and forests along the Axios, Loudias and Aliakmonas rivers. 


The reserve is a paradise for many bird species, such as the black stork, golden eagle, gray heron, and Caspian gull
and many others.

Nature Reserve

Axis Delta
Nature Reserve

This nature reserve is located in the delta of the Axios River
and is one of the most important wetland areas in Greece.


The Axios Delta is an important habitat for wetland birds, both migrating and breeding. You can meet species such as pink pelican, purple heron, black cormorant, pink flamingo and many others. The reserve is also home to other species of animals and plants typical of wetlands.

Olympus Pieria
Nature Reserve

This nature reserve covers a mountainous area on the slopes of the Olympus massif in the Pieria region.


It protects unique alpine ecosystems, including high mountain meadows, rocks and waterfalls. The reserve is an important habitat for flora species and mountain fauna such as orchids, marmots, chamois and eagles. It also offers wonderful views of the Olympus massif
and the surrounding areas.

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