Food is an important part of the wonderful Greek vacation you dream of. And even a lot of food. Greeks like to eat well and healthily and do not attach much importance to calories.

Greek cuisine varies depending on the region and island. The same dish can be served completely differently in another place. The common feature of all dishes is, as I have already mentioned, fresh ingredients. Restaurateurs care very much about the quality of products, both vegetables and meat and fish.

Olive oil

The basic ingredient of all dishes is unique olive oil, which adds a unique flavor to the dishes. You can even say that Greek cuisine is built on olive oil and thanks to this product it has gained fame all over the world.


The culture of drinking coffee in Greece was born several dozen years ago with the birth of the Greek frappe. Greeks can spend several hours drinking coffee. Frappe is coffee served cold. Pour instant coffee, traditionally Nescafe, with cold water with added sugar (optional) and mix in a shaker. A high and thick foam is then created. Then pour the coffee into a glass with ice cubes. You can also add milk. Frappe is quite strong coffee that refreshes you and puts you on your feet from the first moment.


The most popular snack in Greece is tzatziki dip. It is thick yogurt mixed with pieces of fresh cucumber, garlic, olive oil and sometimes dill. Tzatziki is always served straight from the fridge and the dip must be well chilled. Tzatziki can be eaten as a starter for bread or as an addition to meat and fish dishes.

Greek salad

Greek salad is probably known to everyone,
because it also likes to be served on Polish tables. Greeks usually start their meals with a Greek salad or it is an addition to the main course. Typically, a large plate of salad is placed in the center of the table and shared among the guests. Traditional Greek salad contains pieces of cucumber, tomato, pepper, red onion, olives, a large piece of feta cheese, olive oil and oregano. The key to a good-tasting salad is, of course, the highest quality ingredients. The vegetables must be fresh, and the olive oil and feta cheese must be of the highest quality.


is the flagship meat dish of Greek cuisine. This is a layered casserole that you will find in every Greek taverna. This traditional moussaka consists of the following layers: sliced potatoes, minced meat, grilled eggplant or zucchini and a thick layer of béchamel sauce. Moussaka should be served fresh, straight from the oven. If you order moussaka in a restaurant, ask the waiter whether the moussaka is fresh or reheated.



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