Rita was born Margarita Ibrahimoff. Her mother was a Greek of Albanian descent, and her father was a Bulgarian born in Greece. Rita was raised in the Orthodox religion. Love for Greece runs in her blood. She and her husband repeatedly emphasized their attachment to Greece and its culture. They often visit Greece and even have a house on the picturesque island of Antiparos. In 2020, they received Greek citizenship. Together with them, their sons received honorary citizenship in gratitude for the help the couple provided in 2018, when fires were raging in the town of Mati near Athens. More than 100 people died in the flames.

Tom Hanks, husband of Rita Wilson, said at the 2020 Golden Globes: “Greece is paradise… I have been to the most beautiful places in the world, none of them surpasses Greece. There, the earth, sky and water are good for the soul. It’s a healing place. Especially if you follow this fabulous Greek daily schedule: sleeping until noon, staying up until 3 a.m. and talking in the tavern until 3 a.m. This is the best way of life you can achieve.” These words are probably the best proof of love and attachment to Greece. Is there a better way to encourage people to visit this picturesque country?

George founded the band Wham. You probably know him from the Christmas hit “Last Christmas”. His most famous hits include: “Wake me up before you go-go”, “Careless Whispers” and “Freedom”. On July 26, 2007, he performed at a concert in front of the Greek audience at the OAKA Stadium in Athens. The singer brought the Greek flag onto the stage and thanked him in Greek. He died on December 25, 2016, leaving a void in the hearts of millions of Greeks.

Made by Piotr Olkowicz

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