Discover the charms of real Greece

In Thessaly you can discover the charms of real Greece, both related to blissful relaxation on beautiful beaches and visiting monuments dating back to ancient times. The areas of the Thessalian Plain, surrounded by mountain ranges, hide many interesting attractions that are worth visiting during a break from aging on the sunny coast or the paradise Pilion peninsula, where, according to mythology, the Greek gods rested. The idyllic picture taken almost from a postcard also includes the cheerful inhabitants of Thessaly and villages situated on green slopes, among endless orchards.

The capital of the region is Larissa

It is a large trading center located in the center of the Thessalian plain, where it is worth stopping for a moment to visit the medieval ruins, the ancient temple of Athena and the remains of the ancient theater. Two elegant squares in the center are perfect for shopping, and if someone wants to stay there longer, they can take advantage of several successful hotels.

Landscape of Thessaly

Thessaly is part of Central Greece, surrounded by regions such as Macedonian Greece, Epirus, Evia, and on the sea side it borders the Northern Sporades. The landscape consists mainly of lowlands: Larisa, Trialia and Karditsa, through which many rivers flow, while the prominent surrounding mountain ranges include Olympus, Pindos, Othris and Pelion.

Climate of Thessaly

There is a continental climate with hot summers and cold winters, where frequent downpours allow the cultivation of olives, citrus trees and many other ingredients that appear
on Greek tables.

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