Olympus Massif

In Greek mythology, Olympus was considered the seat of the Greek gods, including the most important Zeus. From this place, the gods were supposed to direct human fate


Food is an important part of a great Greek holiday of your dreams. And even a lot of food. Greeks like to eat well and healthy and don’t care too much about calories.

Gods of Olympus

In Greek mythology, there were twelve Olympian gods. Among them were always…

Sports in Greece

The ancient Greeks valued sports competition very much and believed that victory was a sign of divine favor for the competitor.

The largest Greek islands

Greece is a typical island country. Beyond the mainland, it includes about three thousand islands, of which only 167 are inhabited. Each corner tempts with its diversity and specific atmosphere. I invite you to review the five largest Greek islands!

Monasteries in Meteora

The word “meteor” means “high above” or “sky”, which perfectly describes these monasteries, that literally rise high in the mountains…