Architecture in Greece

Ancient Greek architecture is the architecture created by Greek-speaking people (Hellenes) in the period from around the 9th century BC to around the 1st century AD. Greek architecture was created in three main periods…


a city that not only takes you deep into history, but also pulsates with the energy of modernity.

Faumous Greeks

Have you heard about the Greeks who are famous all over the world? Among them are popular…

Aegean Gulf

It is one of the most beautiful areas in Greece, famous for its picturesque beaches, turquoise waters and a wealth of historical sites.


Zeus Falls and Aphrodite’s Bathtub. The gorge is exceptionally beautiful. We enter it next to the Orthodox cemetery with white marble graves.

Thessaly Tourism

In Thessaly you can discover the charms of real Greece, both those related to blissful relaxation on beautiful beaches and visiting monuments dating back to ancient times. The areas of the Thessalian Plain, surrounded by…


Greek archaeological site with ancient sacrificial sites, temples. It is located in central Greece and includes the ruins of an ancient sanctuary dedicated to…